Submission guidelines

Paper submission

Authors may submit papers to be published in the International Journal of Supervision in Psychotherapy, by sending them to the email addresses: in the .doc format, using the name of the author as file name (e.g. Viscu_Loredana.doc)

Papers selected will be peer-reviewed before being published. The evaluation criteria used by the reviewers are: the novelty of the subject proposed, the quality of the research presented, the clarity of the data presented, if the subject chosen is appropriate for the journal or not.

If the author receives recommendations from the reviewer, before the publication of the paper, it will be published only after recommended modifications are made.

The paper will be written in English and will keep the following format:

  • The paper layout is B5 (width 17,6 cm and height 25 cm), with top and bottom margins of 2,2 cm and 1,8 for the left and right margins;
  • The abstract will contain a maximum of 250 words;
  • Key words will be a maximum of 6 words;
  • The maximum length of the paper is 12 pages;
  • The text of the paper will be written in Times New Roman 11 points, titles being in Bold and sub-titles in italics;
  • The title of the paper will be written in Times New Roman 12 points, as the name of the author, affiliation and email;
  • References used will be mentioned in APA Style;
  • Within the text references will be mentioned with numbers (e.g. [1]) and at the end of the paper these will appear in the order they were mentioned in the text. The same author may be mentioned more than once, using the same reference number.

By sending a paper  to the editorial committee of the International Journal of  Supervision in Psychotherapy, the author declares that the paper is an original one and that it contains the description of his/her activity. The author also declares that the paper wasn’t published elsewhere and won’t be published elsewhere once it is accepted by the International Journal of Supervision in Psychotherapy.

Information and ideas used in the paper, that don’t belong to authors, will be underlined by appropriate references. If these are not used, the entire responsibility for the material sent belongs to the author. If the paper is considered to be plagiarism, the paper will be rejected.